About Us

Modern Instruments made a humble beginning in the year 1991, with pressure gauges for many Industrial purposes. Ever since there was no looking back. As a result of the constant endeavor to innovate and expand, today we have expanded way more than just pressure gauges and diversified into brass, MS & SS fittings, ball valves, pneumatics, hydraulics and many other range of products. We have a wide and extensive range of products. We are authorized distributors of pressure gauges like glycerin filled gauges, hydraulic gauges, electric contact gauges, all types of valves such as globe valves, gate valves, ball valves, butterfly valve, plug valve, steam valves, pressure switches, temperature gauges, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic pumps, pneumatic fittings and solenoid valves, S.S fittings and brass fittings in Coimbatore. We deal in FIEBIG, WIKA, DELTA, MICRO, KARTAR, LEADER, UTAM, MATRIX, FLOWTEK which are the most reputed brands and we are the distributors in Tamil Nadu


We are a progressive leading engineering supplier committed to providing the clients with a comprehensive range of products since 30 years which spans usage in multifarious industries spanning gas processing, hydraulics & pneumatics, power supply, oil & gas, chemicals. One of our greatest values is to make sure that we are always there with an answer for all of our clients. We serve people all around India and elsewhere by providing information on all the different products that we have to offer and what we have in stock. We especially take pride in our strong inventory service where we have full information on every single product that we have available at a given time. We want to be fast and capable of giving everyone the best solutions for their needs.

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